Why Agile Development Makes More Sense in the Current Market

Technology is ever evolving. Companies are increasing their market share, wooing customers by leveraging or developing cutting-edge technology to meet the changing requirements. Agile Development is increasingly being used to drive innovation and deliver demands with lightning speed.

The very core of Agile Development came into existence because of the obvious drawbacks of the traditional development methods.

For instance, the Waterfall Model dictates the conventional and sequential steps of requirement analysis, planning, development, testing and finally product delivery. Waterfall Model is only applicable for stable environments where project requirements do not change. However, that is hardly the case in real scenarios.

In addition to providing cost and time efficiency, Agile Development also delivers enhanced value to customers. Here is why Agile Development makes more in the current market scenario:

  1. Agile Development aims at the “Hit fast, Hit hard” rule. Prototype delivery is done in a couple of weeks rather than months.
  2. Instead of active marketing before the product is made, Agile Development empowers developers to deliver product during the development phase. It ensures optimized feedback and a competitive advantage. These small incremental releases are known as sprints or iterations.
  3. Active involvement of the client and stakeholders for more transparency ensures increased client satisfaction. The development team can understand client needs better and deliver features according to priority.
  4. Lighter framework focuses on continuous development and deployment of functional codes, thus no work is allowed to stack up for a long time.
  5. Team is coordinated to perform continuous planning, testing and integration.
  6. Time-bound fixed schedules for fast product delivery enables companies to release a beta version of their products.
  7. Since the process is divided into smaller modules and frequently tested, Agile Development improves the overall quality of the product by the continual ‘inspect-and-adapt’ method.
  8. Sometimes, the clients realise the potential for improvement through continuous feedback, and in the end are given a more advanced version than they asked for.
  9. Face-to-face communications are the best for delegating responsibility and communicating objectives.

Agile Development is one the trending practices that has taken the marketing strategy by storm. The IT industry is brimming with success stories of the companies that have gained tremendously while leaving their competitors far behind in the digital dust.

However, opposed to popular belief, Agile Development is neither a magic bullet nor an elixir to all the software development dilemmas. The trick lies in choosing the right project-management methodology, and the fusion of Waterfall and Agile best practices where applicable.

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