Avant-Garde Personalized Training

Technology is the linchpin of businesses in this digital age. Starting from efficient management to successful delivery of services, technology plays a crucial role in all operations of an organization. Large investments in technology are a testimony to this. However, for technology to be the transformation enabler, end-users should have the knowledge of exploiting its potential. End-user training is therefore crucial and indispensable.

Avant-Garde empowers businesses to leverage technology to its fullest. We offer onsite end-user training so that you can maximize the return on investment from newly implemented technologies. We provide effective training for all our consulting services and IT solutions.

Our end-user training programs will help you:

  • Enhance system reliability
  • Reduce implementation time
  • Ensure agile and effective resolution of support issues
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Increase employee morale
  • Deliver customer satisfaction

Our Methodology

We carry out an in-depth impact analysis to determine the best end-user strategy and in turn, a training program for the technologies implemented. Our team of expert consultants is experienced in working with technical and non-technical end-users.

We are also adept at designing training materials and manuals that match your requirements. Our training programs are tailored to your objectives and business processes so as to derive maximum value out of the technologies.

Our training methodologies go beyond traditional classroom training. We employ global best practices, and leverage smart tools and hands-on training to improve knowledge retention and drive application-oriented learning. With our training programs, you can ensure maximum return on investment and drive technology-led business transformation.

The Avant-Garde Advantage

  • Experience in Working with Technical & Non-Technical End-Users
  • Experience in Small & Large Scale Implementations
  • Customized Training Manual Design
  • Implementation of Training Best Practices
  • Preparation of Customized Training Material