A Retailer Achieves Reduced TCO with Vertex Migrationy

The Client

Major "Big Box Store" Retailer


As high-transaction businesses, retailers face constantly evolving complex regulatory landscape. Vertex Tax Calculation software has become indispensable for retailers to ensure compliance with regulations.

Project Scope

Project:Vertex Migration
Vertex Tax Calculation
IBM WebSphere

The client wished to migrate from Oracle WebLogic Application Server to a more flexible platform for hosting Vertex software, while reducing the total cost of operations.


Employing a structured approach, we conducted a comprehensive requirement analysis and evaluation to choose the best application server. Apache Tomcat Server was eliminated because of lack of standard support and JBoss Application Server was eliminated because it was not supported by the Vertex software.

We concluded that IBM WebSphere Application Server was the best-suited application for the client’s requirements. Moreover, migrating to IBM WebSphere Application Server would also reduce the cost of operations and add higher flexibility, since the client has an organization-wide licensing agreement with IBM.
In order to ensure high environmental stability and performance, our teams are carrying out meticulous load testing. The solution will be benchmarked to the highest performance standards in the industry before approval for production by PE team.

In addition, we proposed a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy with this release. DR is critical to ensure business continuity and application stability in case of equipment failure, natural calamities, and manmade disasters. We are designing a comprehensive DR plan involving distributed primary and backup environments to ensure minimum interruption or loss in productivity due to a disaster.

Value Delivered

  • Reduced Total Cost of Operations (TCO)
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Process Uniformity
  • Improved Load Stability
  • Superior Performance
  • Business Continuity